The Graph Of Beer

11 Jul

I’ve been exploring a number of Freebase’s datasets and stumbled upon a nice little repository; beer! A friend of mine who reviews beers in South Brisbane suggested it so full credit goes to him. Check his blog out. I’ll be doing one on white and red wine soon but they have some technical hurdles I have to work out how to overcome first.

Obviously, the dataset is incomplete and shows only a fraction of the available beers. There are millions of beers that are not shown on the list.

Selection criteria for beer: I simply filtered for Beer Name and Style.

I then scrolled to the bottom of the page and exported them to Excel TSV files for postprocessing. I’ve automated the naming conventions now so it is quite easy to turn raw data into graphs. I’ve learned quite a number of tricks to arrange strings into the formats I desire – though, it is really frustrating at times! Enough jibber-jabber.

It may be a bit difficult navigating around the high-resolution image below so go here for dynamic zooming which makes it much easier to get around the graph.

The Graph Of Beer




Pale Ales

There sure are some tasty beers missing but there you have it.


4 Responses to “The Graph Of Beer”

  1. Jack Behne July 11, 2012 at 8:34 am #

    Cheers Griff, looks good. Now we just have to hunt down an Aussie beer one…


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