Stay tuned!

26 Jun

It has been nearly a full year (to the day) since I made my last post. I am still enjoying a steady stream of vistors from the few posts I have which is pleasing – it seems some people have found it useful. 

As many of you know, full time work is time consuming – especially if that work is your hobby and passion. Even in my ‘off-hours’ I find myself returning to ‘work’ related problems and not spending as much time on the graphing as I would like. It is not that it I don’t find it interesting anymore but simply that the other interests are the ones I’m spending time on. 

However, I have had a number of ideas brewing and have had a whole heap of submissions from readers. I’ve also learnt a few more programming languages in the last year which makes it so much easier to access online content (e.g. Python is amazing). I’ve also been working on a whole bunch of semantic libraries which parse information into some meaningful structure. Rather than studying the networks of wikipedia, I’ve designed it to crawl through the search results of various engines. This comes with its own challenges and so it has taken my a long time to get into a position where I can create something unique. 

I will be posting these items in the coming month so stay tuned. Thanks to everyone for your comments – I read *all* of them and respond to any of the questions you’ve been having.

I’ll see you all soon.



One Response to “Stay tuned!”

  1. thinnairr July 19, 2013 at 1:16 pm #

    I think this is the first time I’ve been here, but what a pleasant coincidence (I’m hoping).

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