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Reminder to Subscribers

28 Feb

Hi — how are you?

Remember when you saw the graphs of wikipedia!

This is just a friendly reminder that I have since moved all of my content to a different site. Please head to for all of the previous content which was originally found here. For those of you who were subscribers to my previous site, it would be most excellent if you could click here to continue to receive my data related explorations in the coming months. You will only get an email when new content from myself is posted and no advertisements of any kind.

Thanks and I suspect this will be the last post on this site until my death.

Message to new subscribers – this blog is dead, long live the new blog.

8 Dec


If you haven’t received the memo yet and are waiting for juicy content to appear on this blog then I need to inform you that this blog is dead.

All of my new content is now posted on my new site here:

Please subscribe to my RSS feed to continue receiving my posts. Twitter is still active @brendangriffen.

Hope to see you over there.


Migrating blog!

9 Jun

I have setup my own homepage which contains all of the content on this blog at From now on I’ll only be posting on that site so please update your bookmarks and feel free to follow via my RSS. Thanks for your support and hopefully in my new stomping ground I’ll have a better ability to create interactive/dynamic content for you all. This will expire on July 9th so please head to See you over there. BG


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